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    Adam Wolf -- Writer/Director
    Mythmagic Films founder, Adam Wolf, has been a teacher, an editor, and a videographer. He became passionate about storytelling at a young age and continues to work in the medium he finds most compelling: film. He has directed and edited several documentaries, concert videos, and promotional trailers. Most recently he has worked with the creators of "Paradise Lost: Opera Electronica" to produce and distribute the DVD "Paradise Lost: Live in Berlin". His other projects include "Maybe This Year" a documentary about the lives of Chicago Cubs fans, and "Stealing Home" a short film about two estranged brothers trying to reconnect after the death of their father. Wolf hopes that "Breaking In Unlocked Doors" will help give a voice to all the children who suffer in silence.

Maria Orsini -- Adult Aria
    Maria Orsini recently relocated from NYC where she obtained her MFA at The Actors Studio Drama School. Before becoming an actress, she was a vocalist for many years and has travelled all over the world singing with "The Liberty Misses", sponsored by the Dept. of Defense. Only being in LA for a few short months, she has already been involved with the independent film circle and is quite honored to have taken on the role of "Adult Aria" in Mythmagic Films' "Breaking in Unlocked Doors". Her other credits include Marci in "Dr.P", Jessica in "Hands that Heal, Fosca in "Passion", Sylvia Plath in "Letters Home",Dabby Bryant in "Our Country's Good",Olivia in "Twelfth Night" and many more...Maria has experience in theatre, film, and voice-overs.

Natalie Martin -- Young Aria
    Natalie thanks Adam Wolf for believing in her ability to bring the challenging role of Young Aria to life and hopes that anyone in a situation like Aria's will be encouraged to reach out for help. Having recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, Natalie lives to act; she continues to study acting and is working hard on her singing. She also enjoys ice skating and reading. Like every 15 year old in America, she loves hanging at the mall with friends and can't wait to learn how to drive! Natalie Martin is represented by the Daniel Hoff Agency.

Kenn Woodard -- Daddy
    Kenn Woodard has appeared in the following. Film: Daddy in Adam Wolf's haunting Breaking In Unlocked Doors, Thomas in Guiana 1838 (winner Belize International Film Festival) by international director, Rohit Jaggessar, Father Will in Faith in Oxygen by Michael Wallace, Pat in Jarett Liotta's independent feature, Laundry. New film projects Fall 2005: Dan O'Sullivan in Kiwi Samosa, directed by Dean Lyon for Beach Front Films - New Zealand, Sal Gio in Sal Delucia's The Boy's of Wooster filming in Brooklyn, NY and CT, and Mr. Connor in David Roundtree's North Carolina thriller, The Will To Power. Television: Bill Brown in Pilgrim Productions', Guilty or Innocent? (DSC), Zarcovich in Morningstar's Production of Dillinger (DSC channel), T Mann in The Poker Boys, Comedy Central. Theater: Barnett in Under the Eaves, NYC State Theater at Lincoln Center, Masked Man in Spring Awakening, Michael Checkov Theater Company NYC, Ian in World Premiere of Convictions of the Heart, Berlin Theater Festival and Edinburgh Theater Festival, Bob in Cabin 12, Prague Cultural Arts Festival. Internet: Tragno in Tragno's Will directed by T. Curley for Digital Film Group.

Frederic Chaignat -- Director of Photography    Originally from the French part of Switzerland, Frederic came to the US to pursue studies in filmmaking. He was quickly drawn to cinematography, because of its mix of technical knowledge and artistic sensibility. Frederic is currently building his career and hopes to focus it on narrative films, either short films or feature length, for he finds working with actors extremely gratifying. Frederic believes that images and visual language are everything in filmmaking, but their only purpose is to support the story and present the characters' struggle in their environment. More than anything, the cinematographer's job is therefore to make the best out of every set-up, and to shoot for the story instead of just shooting the shots.

Jason Smith -- Producer/AD    Jason Smith is a transplanted Bostonian, who followed the golden trail to sunny Bakersfield, California. (Alright, he tagged along when his fiancée accepted a position as an Emergency Room Nurse at a local hospital) This budding screenwriter/producer/ad came upon Breaking in Unlocked Doors through pure karmic intervention, and since the first fateful meeting with Adam Wolf, has not regretted this association for one minute. Always on the lookout for his next project, Jason has pledged to stay committed to making sure that Breaking In is seen by as many people as possible, "I was lucky to have been blessed with great parents, and a wonderful childhood, so to see and hear what some people are capable of is distressing. Adam put together a great project, for a truly worthy cause, and I feel lucky to have been a part of it."

Holly Alderman -- Script Supervisor    Following in the footsteps of her mother, Executive Producer Sheri Singer and her older brother, writer/director Adam Wolf, eighteen year old Holly Alderman has been flung full force into the industry this summer. While she has dabbled into acting a bit in the past, Holly has realized that her true passion occurs behind the camera. Last summer, Holly got the opportunity to PA on the "One Minute Soaps" for the SoapNet. As of this summer she holds a coveted internship at NBC Universal in the Alternative Programming Department. After "Breaking In Unlocked Doors" wraps, Holly will be assisting Wolf in the editing room, helping to edit the "making of" documentary for the DVD, She also will be script supervising another project for DevCar Productions, and will finish off her summer as a PA on the newest Disney Channel Original Movie tentatively titled "High School Musical." Holly will be a sophomore at California State University, Chico this coming school year. She is majoring in Spanish and Film.

Nikolai Loveikis -- Production Designer    Nikolai has recently started his career in film after working as a salesperson for Giorgio Armani for over three years. He is originally from Monterey, CA, attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and has lived in Los Angeles for four years. "I feel fortunate to have been part of this movie. I'm looking forward to continuing my work in Art Department, and hope to work with Adam again."

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Samara Williams -- Kylie
Devan Gaudry -- Producer/UPM
Melissa Tackett -- Makeup/Hair Designer
Christine Crosby -- 1st AC
Chris Preston -- Boom Mic Operator
David McCoy -- Still Photographer
Mike Rodriguez -- Grip
Forrest Sandefer -- Grip
Kelli Wilson -- Craft Supervisor
Zoe Frasure -- Storyboard Artist
Matt Poppell -- Key PA

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