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In The War Against Child Abuse, Silence Is Deadly

    Some stories need to be told. Unfortunately the victims of child abuse often have their stories silenced before their voices can be heard. Each year 3 million cases of child abuse are reported. Sadly, it is estimated that this is less than one third of the actual number of children being abused. Which means 6 million children are suffering without a voice. Since almost 90% of abused children suffer at the hands of a parent or family member, they are either too afraid to come forward or are ignored, shamed, or met with disbelief if they do.

    These children need a voice. They need a voice that warns others about their plight. They need a voice that will help others understand. And they need a voice that will help them heal the wounds they carry with them into adulthood. Breaking In Unlocked Doors is a film that shows us what life is like for a victim and a survivor. It will unite those who have made it through such trauma with those who seek to understand. It will be used as a conduit for psychologists, counselors, teachers, and friends, to identify victims and facilitate the recovery of survivors. And hopefully, it will help to open lines of communication for all the children out there whose stories need to be told.


9/30/05 -- The Final Cut is complete! Stay tuned for screening dates and DVD availability.
6/29/05 -- The Mythmagic Films team wraps on principal photography.
6/27/05 -- Mythmagic Films moves its production to Los Angeles, CA for the final three days of filming.
6/25/05 -- Mythmagic Films begins Production in Bakersfield, CA. Local NBC and CBS affiliates provide coverage.
6/12/05 -- Mythmagic Films and the Kern County Child Abuse Prevention Council team up to complete "Breaking In Unlocked Doors"

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